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Introducing Feathrr

Jackson Maynard Inc. is proud to announce the release of our newest product, Feathrr. Built for fashion retailers, Feathrr complements what retailers do best: help customers look their best. Feathrr is a premium experience – just like a boutique. Feathrr is a service that enhances your business – boutique, brand, or large retailer – by […]


Creating Linear

Linear 1.0 was developed with a core team of three people: Creative, led by Jeff Hoy, Development, led by Robert Marsters and Kenny Younts as Project manager. For Linear 1.0 we decided that the core game experience was what we wanted to release initially. This meant that campaign mode, multiplayer mode and things like leaderboards […]


STEM School Revisit

Yesterday was a great day for Jackson Maynard. We revisited our friends at West Seattle STEM K-5 for a followup discussion about Linear 1.5! It was a great meeting. The students were excited to see their suggestions, ideas and feedback integrated into the game. Mote (avatar) personalization, story mode, achievements and Quick Match were all […]


Linear 1.5 overview

Linear 1.5 is a major release for Jackson Maynard for a few key reasons. Three things made Linear 1.5 our best game yet: 1. We made some new friends by making the game 2. Those friends inspired us to take the game in a few new directions 3. We’re working with an extremely talented new […]


How we made a mobile game out of a tabletop game

Jackson Maynard starts with games from an external source, whether that’s a customer’s idea for a game, or a game that we’ve licensed to adapt for mobile/social. Let’s use Linear as an example. Linear is a tabletop board game we’ve licensed from Catalyst Game Labs for many reasons—fun game, great company, great collaborators — but […]

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