“I want something unique and different that will take us to that next level”
Are you a creative agency that needs a team to create next generation experiences for your clients?
Are you a fashion retailer promoting your latest creations through a social platform or on mobile devices?
Need help in translating your brick and mortar store into a true omnichannel play?

Jackson Maynard can help! Our experience is in creating mobile and web and fashion retail applications that appeal to mobile and social consumers.  Our product expertise also encompasses gamification, big data, analytics and content marketing.

Have a look at our portfolio of work below, then visit our Feathrr page to learn more about our current projects. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Feathrr!

Feathrr at a Glance

Using our own proprietary service Feathrr, we can deliver a truly cross-platform retail shopping Experience.
Let us help take your retailing to the next level. Feathrr provides realtime recommendations to your customers, including Shopify customers.
We can create rich mobile app experiences on Android, Apple iOS and Windows platforms. We also create mobile-focused and mobile-friendly websites and web applications. If it’s a mobile project, we’ve got you covered!
Our experience in creating mobile and Facebook experiences, both for ourselves and production partners, can help your project find an audience.

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