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People who loved Mafia Wars, zombie movies, or just want to see some crazy East Coast fast talkers with ice cream trucks, sock puppets, and fat Elvis costumes should play Deadfellas right away! This game also appeals to old-school RPG fans who love a good story and don’t mind a few dead body parts here and there.

Trash-talking undead wiseguys: A game featuring mooks, capos and soldiers looking to settle a score!
Realtime Multiplayer for 2-4 Facebook players
Over 40 Achievements!
Spam-free Facebook gaming!

Play Deadfellas for free on Facebook

Original game licensed from Jesper Myrfors and Brian Snoddy
Released Summer 2012 on Facebook
Technologies used: Unity3D, Tabletop.io

Project Notes
We jumped at the chance to work with Jesper Myrfors and Brian Snoddy, both widely known for their contributions to Magic: The Gathering as well as other beloved games, and adapt one of their new card games. It taught us a lot about Facebook, multiplayer, and tabletop.
Our main tasks were to adapt an inventive system of counter-actions during tabletop gameplay into an easy-to-learn user interface that was appropriate for a Facebook audience, and keep the players informed of these quickly-changing dynamics inherent to the game. We found that players needed specific awareness cues while playing the game, and filtering the level of User Experience was a critical factor in having fun while playing Deadfellas.
We also invested heavily in voice talent and additional original dialogue to provide character and flavor to the game, originally positioned as a “beer and pretzels” game. Lacking real-time voice capability on Facebook, our creative and development teams replicated the trash-talking camaraderie of playing the game successfully in-app.
Finally, we were very fortunate to work closely with Brian and Jesper on the marketing and promotion of the game, leveraging their individual connections and talents to maximize the audience of the game during launch.

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