Client: Natron Baxter

“These guys nailed it on Cold Claim: from gameplay to usability to iPad development. They’re a solid long-term partner for mobile game development, especially digital tabletop.” –Nathan Verrill, Co-Founder, Natron Baxter Applied Gaming

Earth’s most precious resource: Paleo Water.
As expedition leader prepare to navigate harsh terrain, prospect for Paleo, discover artifacts, and claim coldly contested land… while outwitting your rivals and protecting your reputation.
In the spirit of Settlers of Catan and Kingdom Builder, Cold Claim is a strategic board game for two to four players via Game Center or pass-and-play.

Now available on the Apple iTunes App Store

Project: Cold Claim, an iPad game for Natron Baxter Applied Gaming, St. Louis, MO
Our Involvement Fall 2012-Spring 2013
Technologies used: iOS API and SDK, Unity 3D

Project Notes
Jackson Maynard was responsible for technical development and technical project management for Cold Claim. Cold Claim is a strategy-based “board game” for iPad.
Working closely with the creative, technical and management teams at Natron Baxter Applied Gaming, we were able to deliver a highly polished game with very stringent time, budget and usability requirements. We also collaborated with Natron Baxter on gameplay mechanics and User Experience.

The challenge was to recreate intricate tabletop gameplay motifs into an accessible game appropriate for iPad, but still retain the flavor and uniqueness of the client’s vision.

We worked closely with the visual and game designers to enhance and amplify player interaction but at the same time make it easy for a new player to have fun. For instance, we developed an activity stream that recorded all player actions in order to avoid overloading the player with too much information all at once. New players could go back and check out exactly what happened for reference, and experienced users could safely concentrate on the live interaction.

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