View Feathrr now on

View Feathrr now on

Working on Feathrr has been the treat of a lifetime. We have learned a lot about fashion, retail, e-commerce and mobile by talking to and working with great retailers, brands and stores.

I’m proud to show the first collaboration we have with our friends at Momo.
For Feathrr we had the opportunity to compliment Momo’s knack for connecting clothing separates. To do this in a way that added value for Momo’s customers, we’ve create a Shop-the-look experience.

For Momo, we started with an actual outfit available from Momo:PotD_10.27.15
Next, we created an outfit in Feathrr that is comprised of the exact same clothes and then added some boots from our good friends at Clementines to complete the outfit.

To view that outfit via Feathrr, visit this link:

The next step is up to you! Play with the outfit, create, save and share your own version of the outfit! Post examples below!

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