Introducing Feathrr

Introducing Feathrr

Jackson Maynard Inc. is proud to announce the release of our newest product, Feathrr.
Built for fashion retailers, Feathrr complements what retailers do best: help customers look their best. Feathrr is a premium experience – just like a boutique. Feathrr is a service that enhances your business – boutique, brand, or large retailer – by providing deep insights, actionable results and automation to help your customers dress their best.
Customers will always want to look their best, but how they accomplish this is changing. Customers shopping on the internet now expect better service on the internet, not just stock availability or familiar brands. What the new business model for internet shopping looks like is an awful lot like the boutique service model: your needs met with expert help. That’s what Feathrr can do for your business.

Mobile is emerging as important as traditional internet shopping. For boutiques in particular, it may be more important. Two important trends to keep in mind: customers spend more money when shopping both online and in your store than when shopping in your store alone or solely online. Also, increasing numbers of your customers are coming to your sites to shop on mobile devices alone.

Feathrr is designed for a mobile customer as a traditional internet customer. Feathrr can help sell your service and merchandise to a customer who has limited time, or in many cases limited screen space. Mobile customers shop for shorter periods and with less research to make decisions, so they tend to make fewer purchases. However, there is an opportunity for a better way. Feathrr embraces this opportunity to specially cater to this customer as a mobile-friendly shopping service and display.

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