Jackson Maynard is a lean startup located in the heart of downtown Seattle, dedicated to bringing uncommon gaming experiences to life. From tabletop to tablet, from mobile to social platforms, Jackson Maynard uses its decades of software and gaming experience to help clients engage with their customers.

“These guys nailed it on Cold Claim: from gameplay to usability to iPad development. They're a solid long-term partner for mobile game development, especially digital tabletop.” –Nathan Verrill, Co-Founder, Natron Baxter Applied Gaming

Momo tells it all

A blog post from our friends at Momo describing how Feathrr works for them: http://momoseattle.blogspot.com/2015/11/mobile-dressing-room-built-with-feathrr.html

Feathrr FAQ

What’s Feathrr? Feathrr complements what fashion retailers have always done: help you help customers look their best. Feathrr provides...

What We Do

Using Unity3D and our own proprietary game service Tabletop.io, we can deliver a truly cross-platform game experience for your next game project.
We can create rich mobile app experiences on Android, Apple iOS and Windows 8 platforms. We also create mobile-focused and mobile-friendly websites and web applications. If it's a mobile project, we've got you covered!
Our experience in creating mobile and Facebook games, both for ourselves and production partners, can help your project find an audience.
Let us help take your tabletop IP online to new customers. We can deliver tabletop gaming experiences on all major mobile gaming platforms as well as Facebook.
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