, Jackson Maynard Inc. and the “B” word, Jackson Maynard Inc. and the “B” word

First off, thanks to everyone for their interest today in!

So what is, or as we call it here TTIO, is both our platform for making Facebook and Mobile games as well as the games we create. is the thing we build and use for gamers. It’s important to us to use the name “” for two reasons – one it explains to folks what the company is working on (and also happens to be our web address) and also because of the role something as simple as a name can mean to a customer. For us, as we continue to develop and deploy more games to gamers, we hope to earn the trust of our customers by delivering a solid experience that does things for them.

So what is the relationship between and Jackson Maynard Inc.?
It’s pretty simple: “Jackson Maynard Inc.” isn’t really that fun sounding, is it! It’s a good name for us though, because we also do other projects besides TTIO. We also have some business with other software companies, and they prefer us to remain focused on the software. So for now, it suits us.

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