Why there’s a Jackson Maynard Inc.


Our company started from a brief conversation about collectible card games.  I asked my soon-to-be partner Gabe if it was normal to have such a long setup period for playing a collectible card game.  Specifically: ringing a fellow player up, blocking out a time to get together, digging out cards, driving over and setting up, playing, talking about the game, then breaking it down, drive home then put it to sleep.

Yeah, pretty much!

This is where the software creators in us got interested.  We found that a lot of attempts at making software that played a card game are out there, but nobody’s really tackled it the way we are, which is to think of the problem as a content management system and an online ownership system. On the surface, it makes no sense to make a game company based on these very un-fun sounding things.  BUT!  As it turns out, there is a market, and always will be, for good software that solves a real problem.

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