Linear available on Apple iTunes

Linear available on Apple iTunes
2012 and Catalyst Game Labs are very proud to announce the Linear for iOS available immediately for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!
Easy to learn, rewarding to master, Linear is a strategy game in which you draw lines to score the most points, while blocking the other players’ lines. Players receive more points for the longest lines, and combinations of lines are worth even more!

Linear features ultra-simple gameplay action, but a deep and rich depth of play. The objective is simple: draw the longest lines to win!
Linear features a compelling single player mode– explore 36 levels of difficulty, unlocking new and fiendishly hard challenges! Linear’s scaling AI difficulty will challenge you for hours of engrossing play. And on Apple devices, Gamecenter Leaderboard bragging rights remain to be won!

Linear also features cross-platform multiplayer for up to 6 players. Players can choose to play on their Apple devices using your Gamecenter Friends list or players may also choose to play against their Facebook friends playing along on Facebook.

To learn more about Linear for iOS please visit the Apple App Store at:

Linear is also available for in an ad-supported version, with full functionality at

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