Deadfellas Product announcement

Deadfellas Product announcement

Brian Snoddy and Jesper Myrfors’ latest creation, Deadfellas, is ready to whack a whole new horde of mooks, capos and bosses with Deadfellas for Facebook this summer.
Jesper Myrfors, co-founder of Snoddy/Myrfors: “Brian and I love to make cool games. We like to make art, and we like the whole game making process. Jackson Maynard was a great publishing partner for this game– they get what we’re doing. It’s a great partnership.” “’Zombie Mobsters who kill each other with sock monkeys, fat Elvis costumes, ice cream trucks.” said Kenny Younts, CEO of Jackson Maynard Inc.

Deadfellas will carve out its turf on Facebook this summer. Check out or for future announcements surrounding this disturbing and very fun development.

Brian Snoddy and Jesper Myrfors create games simple enough for anyone to play and that are inclusive to a wide audience.
We make games we want to play ourselves. We make games that are fun to play. Games and art are our passion. We’re career industry veterans – and this company is the perfect outlet for games we’ve always wanted to make.

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